Transitional Living

The Program We offer residents a new home that leads to a new way of life. Our stable recovery environment provides structure and accountability, which builds personal responsibility, as well as spiritual enrichment. We believe in a multi-tiered approach to recovery. People who have been free from drugs and alcohol for a lengthy amount of time know that recovery is a process. New foundations transitional living provides a stable home environment for those who are willing to accept a new way of life. Our process is simple, sustainable, and effective. Each potential resident must complete our intake application, pay the initial week deposit, and passing a drug screen. This proves to New Foundations that the applicant is serious about beginning the recovery process. Next the potential resident will meet with a property manager to learn about our program, our facilities, and our philosophy. If they agree to abide by the rules then they are admitted to their new home and the process of a new life begins, one step at a time.  Our property managers are fully engaged in the process with each and every resident, this provides accountability, support, and a strong example for those seeking to change the way they live.

Recovery Begins Here New Foundations is a spiritually based, safe place for men and women. We focus on a continued transition into recovery after successfully detoxing or being discharged from the court system. Sometimes called sober living, or a halfway house, we provide group housing with a main goal of recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is the place for anyone who is seeking a new way of life, free from addiction. We believe in providing an environment that is both conducive to recovery as well a place that one may call home. Our houses are fully equipped with all of the necessities needed for comfortable daily living. Each house has high speed internet, Wi-Fi access points, and computers at the residents disposal. Laundry facilities are located within each residence and access is made available 24 hours a day.





New Foundations Community Housing