Recovery Housing

Our Program

New Foundations is a spiritually based safe place for those in recovery. We focus on a continued transition into recovery after successfully detoxing or being discharged from the court system. Sometimes called sober living, or a halfway house, we provide group housing with a main goal of recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is the place for anyone who is seeking a new way of life, free from addiction.

New Foundations Transitional Living is committed to providing safe sober housing to all who are willing and committed, regardless of their path to recovery (MAT or non-MAT, AA or NA, etc) or their race, sexual orientation, gender expression, veteran status, ethnicity, color, age, disability, nation of origin, or any other personal status.

Phases of New Foundations

Phase Zero (usually lasts 3 days):

  • Can go to meetings with Senior Program Participants or Managers ONLY
  • Can only leave for work, school, treatment, doctors
  • Must have proof of whereabouts

Phase One (typically 30 days):

  • No overnight passes
  • Four meetings a week
  • Pick a home group
  • Find a sponsor
  • No visitors aside from children or sponsor (for step work)
  • Can only leave for work, school, treatment, doctors, meetings, church/temple/etc
  • Must have proof of whereabouts

Phase Two:

  • Continued contact with sponsor
  • Four meetings per week
  • No longer need proof of all whereabouts
  • Two hours per week of service work
  • May have visitors on the weekends:
    Friday: 4-9 pm
    Saturday: 12-9 pm
    Sunday: 12-6 pm
  • ONE overnight pass per week (if no owed fees, all chores covered, not on restriction, etc)
  • Weekday Curfew: 9:30 pm
  • Weekend Curfew: 11:30 pm
  • Requirement for 2 hours/week of service work begins

Phase Three:

  • Start mentoring new people in the house
  • Continue going to four meetings/week
  • May have visitors on the weekends
    Friday: 4-9 pm
    Saturday: 12-9 pm
    Sunday: 12-6 pm
  • TWO overnight passes per week
  • Weekday curfew: 11:30 pm
  • Weekend curfew: 1:30 am
  • Two hours a week of service work

Senior Program Participants/House Management:

  • Keep doing what you are doing!
  • Mentor people in the house
  • Go to meetings with lower phase participants when you can
  • TWO overnight passes per week – managers can choose to have an approved overnight visitor instead of going on overnights
  • Weekday curfew: 11:30 pm
  • Weekend curfew: 1:30 am

MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)-friendly Homes

Medication Assisted Treatment is an FDA-approved and highly researched option for the treatment of substance use disorders. For those who are engaging in MAT, NFTL provides several MAT-friendly homes.

MAT homes each have a medication safe, inside of a locked cabinet, that is kept under video surveillance 24 hours a day. Each participant’s locked medication bags are kept inside this safe (participants retain their own medication bag key). House managers unlock the safe at specific times daily and meet with participants one-on-one as they open their bag, count their medication, take their daily medication, and count again.

For individuals who prefer not to engage in MAT, or choose to use inject-able forms of medication (such as Vivitrol), New Foundations continues to offer traditional non-MAT homes.