Team Members

Tim Deller

Elm St. House Manager (KY)
My name is Timothy David Deller but friends and family call me Timmy. I come from a family of 7 kids, my mom had five boys and two girls. My mom did most of the mom and dad roles unlike a traditional nuclear family. I graduated high school and I got my first degree in Minnesota with an Associates in Liberal Arts from Inver Hills Community College. I also continued extracurricular activities with their college football team. I personally feel I’ve shown traces of alcoholism since I was 19. It’s a little humorous and crazy to see how practicing alcoholism by feeding the addiction can take us to places that we’ve only heard about … ironically waking up the next day finding ourselves in that very same world. That’s pretty much how I found myself when I started to feed my addiction, spiraling down .To the so-called rock bottom after several tries and several jail experiences. After jail, I decided to go to treatment.  I had heard about sober living but I’ve always thought that was for people who are trying to jump back into society after they finished their jail sentence. I finally found the importance of sober living and its benefits and I have my first 15 months of sobriety.  A lot of great things have happened to me since I’ve been in sober living. I am back with my family in terms of communicating.  I was lucky to get custody of my two sons about 10 years ago through all that and with the help of my family, we did a pretty good job raising them. My oldest is 22 and my youngest is 20. The 22 year old just graduated from NKU and my 20 year old is a junior at the same university.
I’m finding new ways to improve myself. I’m learning better ways to live with gratitude. Gratitude is the main reason I like being involved with sober living and taking a role in house management, assisting people on the MAT side at 432 Elm Street. I do find it very challenging and I’m learning more about the different facets of addiction.