Team Members

David Drexler


David’s background is in Business Administration and working with non profits.  Going back 20 years, David worked as Business Manager at Pillar Ministries in College Hill (WAKW 93.3).  His primary role there was to create and implement a 5 year plan for the campus, establish partnerships in the community, assist with remaining solvent in economically challenging times, and interface and give direction to staff and faculty daily.  David worked for both the Cincinnati and St. Louis YMCA Associations as a Vice President in various roles. David brings a positive attitude to the work that he does and a zest for life that makes the workplace enjoyable. He is approachable and conscientious.  His family life includes his wife of 27 years and their three children: Alex (24), Sherilyn (18) and David Jr. (14) and their family pet, Sunny. David and Brenda live in Cincinnati, Ohio and enjoy traveling in their spare time.

New Foundations Community Housing