Mikella Chrisman

Executive Director

MIKELLA CHRISMAN Linkedin Facebook ROLE WITH NEW FOUNDATIONS As Executive Director, Mikella is responsible for the overall direction of our organization. In a span of one year, she brought New Foundations…

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Chauney Brannon

KY Operations Manager

Kenneth Hutchinson

Ohio Operations Manager

Jordan Newsome

Office Manager

Kelsey Martin

Office Staff

Danielle Daily

St. Lawrence House Manager, MAT House

Tiffany Becker

St. Lawrence Assistant House Manager, MAT House

Corey Frye

Gilsey (OH) House Manager

Cody Paulson

Gilsey (OH) House Manager

Clint Clemons

Harris (OH) House Manager

Ben Rodgers

Harris Assistant House Manager

Tim Deller

Elm St. Assistant House Manager (KY)

Lamar Rice

Elm St. Assistant House Manager (KY)

Kelly Penny

McMillan House Manager

Crystal Hucker

McMillan Assistant House Manager

Lindsey Casey

McMillan Senior Program Participant

Gena Martin

Park Hills Women’s House Manager

Tim Kauinui

Park Hills Men's Manager

New Foundations Community Housing