New Foundations is actively seeking Private, Community, and Governmental funding to fuel our exponential growth.

There are many ways for You to participate, maintain a healthy and consistent ROI, and know that you are also providing for a better community. “Doing well by doing GOOD!”

Partnerships can be simply private funding to acquire an expanded facility for our sober housing.

It could be a Joint Venture of Sober Housing or Senior Housing into a new state or region.

It could be a multifaceted partnership in a large development project.

The choice is yours! Our experienced partners in funding and development have compiled some great options so that there is no wrong choice.

The amount of capital, terms of the deal, and time frame of return will be determined on a per project basis and customized to your comfort and experience.

Please also consider that New Foundations seeks “soft” funding through community and Governmental grants and loans. This “soft” funding serves to both alleviate the need for an excessive equity participation and strengthen the equity positions of each partner.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be a part of revitalizing our communities.